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Franka Verhagen and Ron Davis Alvarez, 2021


Franka Verhagen and Ron Davis Alvarez share Dream Orchestra´s history and show its gradual development as an integrating multicultural orchestra community. After having started in 2016 attending unaccompanied underage asylum seekers and, from 2017, reaching out to children and young people with a refugee or migration background, today Dream Orchestra proposes a community that represents the entire Swedish society. Interested in sharing their cultural heritage, the participants learn about music of the world and celebrate their traditions together. It proposes a community model where the intensive learning practice of musical skills and the pursuit of musical excellence, is accompanied by the explicit learning of social and emotional skills, the development of auditory and intellectual understanding and spiritual enjoyment of musical language.


Dream orchestra,

For whom:


Musicians who are curious about what is needed to become an inspirational teaching conductor.


How to acquire the book:

You can buy your printed copy by writing an email to

The entire proceeds of the sale will benefit the association and will be used to pay for more instruments and more teachers so that we can give more children and young people the chance to be part of Dream Orchestra.

Dream Orchestra, a Learning Model

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