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Tore Gannholm, 2013.
Gotland with its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea was since the Bronze Age the center for trade and culture in this part of the world.
We still suffer badly from earlier generations Swedish - centered historical research. 
History was always written by the victors.
The "history" of the defeated and that of conquered territories is usually being ignored or even misinterpreted. This is true, not only for Gotland but for all those landscapes which were conquered in the 1600s and also, mutatis mutandis, for those parts of the old Sweden which were lost. Who now knows anything about the Middle Ages of Karelia or of Ingemanland or, for that matter, of Finland?
When Gotland was annexed by Sweden in 1679 it was the winners history that became ruling. Gotlandic history became irrelevant. To understand the history of Gotland, one must fully realize that Gotland was an independent 
Merchant Farmers’ Republic, and the hub of the Baltic Sea region.

Gotland – the Pearl of the Baltic Sea

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